i lovermont

earlier this week I had the pleasure of driving up to hardwick, vermont for some Taproot Magazine work meetings. there’s something so satisfying about driving the same roads your parents used to drive. when my view at that time was from the backseat, possibly less patient and more carsick but filled with the wonder of frozen ice cliffs in the land of narnia and sleeping giants hidden in mountain ranges.

vermont leaves me nostalgic for childhood and picture books.


spending time with friends who happen to be co-workers was pretty sweet too. I love my job. working from home has it’s benefits but when we can all meet and work in person as we try to do on a quarterly basis, things really come together with creativity and connection. it’s a time I really enjoy and look forward to.


there are some places that anchor us to childhood. I’m thankful for this, for the happy memories and covered bridges, the belly laughs and soft hugs of favorite aunties… for today and the spring thaw in stowe vermont.