the whirlwind

it’s mid-July now, but looking back I can see the whirlwind. June in fact, was a blur. a happy, messy, exhausting yet full month.



June is the month that we try to cram an entire summer into… for goodbyes are always just around the corner in our house. so June was time well spent: evening sunshine, anniversary celebrations, and communing with nature (plus last minute school papers, video games, and gathering friends email addresses for the summer months!)

end of school celebrations and cupcakes with root beer floats were in order, our boys were so happy that school was finally out!

the very next day river and I loaded up our suitcases and made our way to the airport. we would say our goodbyes in Colorado this year.

“give me a picture to last me all summer” I told him, and this is what I got. he’s a keeper, that one.

the whirlwind of travel had me seeing five airports in two days. at some point in the late night of flight delays and heavy hearts, someone asked me “where are you from?” and for a moment I drew a complete blank.

where am I from? I’m from everywhere.