bar harbor

no amount of travel could wear me out. really, I mean I’m not as young as I used to be, and I definitely feel the effects of sleep deprivation and wonky hours spent crossing time zones and state lines. but when given the opportunity to travel I will jump at the chance. (that’s what my summers are for!)

and that’s how I came to arrive home from virginia and with a few hours of sleep i got in my car again to make the drive to Bar Harbor.

(I will always hear it in my mom’s voice, thick with New England accent. Bah Habah.)

our time there was filled with art and work (the best kind of work trip!) you can read all about the gallery opening over on the Taproot blog, Ramblings. it was an epic two days on Mount Desert Island, spent with favorite people and spectacular sights.

we not only admired some amazing art by local artist (and Taproot contributor) Jennifer Judd McGee, but we visited with two Taproot stockists as well. it’s always so fulfilling to spend time with other like-minded folks, artists, business owners who are a parallel path to your own.

satisfying work indeed!