common ground fair

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this time of year marks a beginning. not just the beginning of autumn and change of season, but it marks the anniversary of our move to new england. september, for me, will always have a quality of newness and hold a place in my heart for memories (both in looking back and looking forward.) the first week of september always finds me sentimental, but by the end of september i find my footing by walking in steps we have walked before. there is a comfort in that. there is peace in tradition. security in roots. all of this is new for me, for my gypsy tendencies… and so i practice newness.

at the beginning of september we celebrated the start of our fourth year here. as a family, we shared stories from those early days and remarked at how far we’ve come together as a newly blended family. and typically, at this time of year, we usher the change of season in with the a trip to unity, maine, to explore the common ground fair.

this years fair was slightly different for me, as i traveled north alone to join the rest of the Taproot Magazine team in setting up our booth and spending the weekend together with coworkers instead of family. i missed my family tremendously but was grateful for the new experience as well. in years past our fair looked like this: our first fair together… or this… or even this. and while i had plenty of time to explore on my own this year, i also spent many enjoyable hours in the booth meeting folks and sharing stories from Taproot. In the moments between, i couldn’t help but find myself overwhelmed with the magic of it all. and i’d find myself smiling at the memory of years past, when i lived thousands of miles away and only had the dream of walking the fair grounds. life comes full circle, and it both humbles and strengthens me.

over the weekend, i had the pleasure of enjoying both work that i love and friends that i cherish. the laughter and light was exactly what my heart needed most. the reminder of home, and my place in the middle of it all.

thank you, universe, for providing me with these moments.

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