artist statement

My photography is a reflection on art, nature, family, and womanhood. I compose my photographs specifically to create the optical illusion of simplicity and stillness. A photograph has the power to pull a story from the nothingness that is light and dark. Certain compositions leave the mind free to embellish the details of a story. I arrange scenes through my camera lens for the calm they instill. I choose to focus on peace and simplicity in my art.

I learn by doing.
I am a self-taught photographer and I love teaching others what I know.

I am a freelance writer and photographer; my passion lives in the space between creative writing and creative imagery. I call the western Maine foothills home, where I live off-grid in a yurt with my sweetheart and a trio of boys. My writing has been published in a variety of magazines. My photography has been on exhibit in TX, VT, and NYC as well as published in numerous magazines. I am Associate Editor for Taproot Magazine, co-founder of NOW YOU workshops, a contributing photographer to DP Magazine, editor to Shutter Sisters, and a contributing photographer for Getty Images.

if you’re interested in me writing or shooting for your publication
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