garden to kitchen. this is summer. i find myself in the garden after a rain, searching for new harvests. peas  tomatoes and lettuce is where we’re at. and it’s a good place to… Continue reading

her dementia, my grief

“but there’s a story behind everything. how a picture got on a wall. how a scar got on your face. sometimes the stories are simple, and sometimes they are hard and heartbreaking. but… Continue reading

cold antler farm

i recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing Jenna Woginrich’s newest book, Cold Antler Farm. you can find the review (along with a very sweet book trailer video from Roost Books) over… Continue reading

bar harbor

no amount of travel could wear me out. really, I mean I’m not as young as I used to be, and I definitely feel the effects of sleep deprivation and wonky hours spent… Continue reading

dixie land

arriving home from colorado in the dark of 3am I was greeted with mist and fog so dreamy I nearly cried tears of joy. home! I lived in Colorado for seven years and… Continue reading

the whirlwind

it’s mid-July now, but looking back I can see the whirlwind. June in fact, was a blur. a happy, messy, exhausting yet full month. June is the month that we try to cram… Continue reading

liquid landscapes

in the spring, summer and fall around here I become obsessed with water. not just because in winter it’s locked in frozen ice, but because I can allow my mind to wander and… Continue reading

actias luna

“Even when muddy, your wings sparkle bright wonders that heal broken worlds.” – Aberjhani Father’s Day at the pool, surrounded by the laughter of children, this luna moth and I shared a moment.… Continue reading

the process of writing

if I have a clean desk it can only mean one thing: i’m avoiding a big deadline. there’s something about the concept of writing about writing… it helps to demystify the muse. when… Continue reading

a day in the life {on film}

a day in the life {and moments from that day that felt like summer} right now life begs for film. my eternal reminder of time moving too fast, the countdown to summer and… Continue reading