this is certainly not the most difficult thing i’ve had to do this year. this past year of firsts, of fucked up shit and barrels of emotion. this past year of anger and… Continue reading

mother love

happy mother’s day! Mother love is the fuel that enables a normal human being to do the impossible. ~Marion C. Garretty

the art of jumping

i used to be scared of heights. i barely remember it now, being the kid who spent all her time in the tops of pine trees getting sap stuck in her hair and… Continue reading

laughing in the wind

we cruise together like this, you and me. we are only new in this way of time passing, days growing longer, feet reaching the pedals, wind in our faces. we needed this. this… Continue reading

kneel before nature

there’s a story my grammy would tell all the time. you know how it is, how some stories become legends because they are told so often by our elders. i love how she… Continue reading

how to have a beautiful day

wake up at 8am (that’s two hours of sleeping in!) the first thing you should hear upon waking is “let me give you a hug!” and “momma, what if the whole world were… Continue reading

photo and words

i opened my mailbox and found two copies of midwifery today magazine smiling back at me. something so full of beauty, that came to me just in time. it’s always the perfect timing… Continue reading

you, who are not me

i see your eyes. i see the way you carry the lunchboxes with overflowing arms. i see both your kids; the way one hides behind your legs and one bursts forward greeting everyone… Continue reading

literary me.

my life seems to be the constant forgetting and remembering. it’s cyclical. and for that i am thankful. it’s in those remembrances that i am fully aware, as if waking for the first… Continue reading

me, happy.

today i left the bookstore with my arms full. i wanted her to ask why i was buying four of the exact same magazine. but she didn’t. so i offered up my reasoning… Continue reading