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An Interview with Meredith Winn
by Andrea Scher of Superhero Photo

1. How do you elevate the ordinary?

I believe that nothing is ordinary… that everything and everyday life can be seen as art. Because of this, I bring my camera with me everywhere I go (even if it’s just my Iphone). Documenting my every day is how I take the time to appreciate all the beauty that surrounds my life. This image was taken with my iphone, a simple moment on a sledding hill. For me, this moment became something more than just an aesthetically pleasing composition, it became the storyline for their adventure: these boys, this life, this great big beautiful (sometimes scary) world.

2. How does photography help you celebrate your life?

Photography helps me focus on the positive (or the negative, even chaos can be beautiful). What I choose to see is what I choose to shoot. Sometimes I clear away the clutter and want to simplify the composition of my frame (and life) and sometimes it’s important to shoot the chaos and document every day moments. Through my camera lens I learn to look kindly at myself and my surroundings. That, in itself, is a celebration.

3.Can you share some tips for taking photos in the snow or other harsh weather?

This is my first year shooting in a New England winter. I rather enjoy a steep learning curve, and that’s a good thing because shooting an environment that is all white is really challenging! Everything is trial and error. As I seek out shots (if I am specifically photo walking or even if I just see a moment appear that I want to shoot) I usually ask myself what it is that I’m wanting to focus on: The sparkle? The texture? The vastness? The pop of color that comes with snow gear? It’s nearly impossible to shoot all of these all at once, so you have to decide. And any of these responses will yield different settings.

The days are short here during winter. If I’m wanting to shoot my snowy woods, I will go into the forest where the light is more filtered. This allows me to use the sunlight to highlight my focus. Underexposing will bring out textures. Overexposing will blow out detail but make the world feel vast. When I find myself on a ski mountain or a sledding hill with no escape from the bright glare, I focus on the environment, the composition, and the pop of color I see in the people at play. I don’t take technically perfect photographs, but my style works for me and helps me express what it is I’m feeling about the season. My best tip is to use your light meter as your guide and then get creative with your surroundings. Try try again (that’s my mantra!)

4. What are your obsessions? How do they find their way into your work?

I love color. I love emotion. I also love exploring all the versions of ourselves that make us who we are. A few years ago I began the self portraiture journey and found it to be quite empowering. Now I often find myself reaching for my camera as a form of self care. Seeing to be seen. Seeing to reflect the beauty I feel inside. I never imagined that by taking my first self portrait I would shape the path of my photography career. Since then, I have co-founded the NOW workshops (Nurturing Ourselves Workshops) in hopes to help spread empowerment through photography to women in our community.

5. What inspires you?

Feeling small in nature.
Laughter and new love.
A quiet snowfall.

6. Share one of your all time favorite captures. what do you love most about it?

It’s hard to choose just one favorite. Many of my images carry meaning to me because they hold power in the meaning behind the moment. On this particular day, my son and I discovered a tiny bird nest on the walk to meet the school bus. Conversations flowed. Tiny treasures were kept sacred. Those moments wrapped themselves into this image in my mind. And later, when I reached for my tripod to set up this shot of myself holding this treasure, I was reminded that all things lay dormant. Even my photography lays dormant but it never leaves me completely. I guess this moment represents me coming full circle with the reminder of being gentle with the changes that naturally occur in life.